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Let us help you to enjoy your piano as much as you really should. Pianos are complex and fascinating musical instruments. And, they require regular tunings and periodic service to perform their best. We can bring the life back into your piano.

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Introducing Complete Piano Service - With Your Piano Tuning.

When you choose us to tune your piano, we automatically approach your piano with our complete piano service mindset.

Looking for a piano service that takes the time to understand your needs and delivers exactly what you are looking for?

Our Amazingly Remarkable Piano Tunings
Piano tuning is just as much an art as it is a science. Learn how we tune your piano, what makes our piano tunings different, and more.
First Class Piano Restoration & Refinishing
Whether you may be thinking about restoring your piano's sound, touch, tone, cabinet or all of the above, our piano restorations achieve phenomenal results.
Fully-Stocked Online Store
Find everything for your piano! Including a variety of piano accessories and supplies ranging from caster cups to cleaners and polishes, as well as parts and tools.
Player Piano Systems
Let us help you transform your piano into a state of the art player piano. Take a look at our player piano service featuring QRS PNOMation II.
Piano Repair
Stuck piano key? Broken string? Noises or buzzing? We can handle it. We can handle virtually all piano repairs.
Piano Moving and Storage
Let our professional, full time piano movers take care of your piano moving.
Improve the Feel and Tone of Your Piano

Improve the Feel and Tone of Your Piano

Not happy with the tone, touch, feel, or response of your piano? Read about one of our specialties—piano action regulation, redesign, and improvement!
Piano Keytops
Not happy with the look of your piano keyboard? We can help. Learn about our piano keytop replacement.
Dampp Chaser Piano Humidity Control System
Learn all about Dampp Chaser Piano Humidity control systems and why you might need one for your piano.

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